Blue Mountains Honey
Blue Mountains Honey is an Australian family owned company that specialises in producing and packing honey and honey related products. The Blue Mountains Honey family have been spinning the beautiful bee products into tasty treats that can be enjoyed from breakfast to dessert. Over the years Genevieve and Stephen Craig have prided themselves on the quality of their Natural honeys and have taken these products to the next level by value adding to the sweetness.This is their gourmet honey range featuring Fruit Honey, Infused Honey and Flavoured Honey which are most divine. All added ingredients are natural and like the natural honey itself contain no chemicals or additives.

Blue Mountains Honey factory and Honey store is located at the foot of the Mountains in Penrith Valley viewing the Mountains themselves and along Peachtree Creek which runs into the Nepean River. They have their bees in the Sydney basin and the surrounds of the mountains. They also source from other local and NSW Apiarists to bring quality and seasonal varieties of natural honey.

You are more than welcome to visit this happy smiling family in their Honey store where you can try their sweet products and have a talk to their beekeeper about bees when he's in town. Blue Mountains Honey is giving you a fresh taste experience.

Visit the Blue Mountains Honey blog, 'The Honey Shed'. Find Market dates, read news and exciting updates!

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